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Welcome to our CARES page!

In an effort to help you feel connected to your neighbors and a part of this community, Woodmeade and Estelle Creek North Apartments have partnered with the CARES by Apartment Life. CARES team members live on-site and work to enrich the lives of all our residents. They plan monthly social events, educational seminars, and other activities based on your needs and interests. In addition, they serve and assist residents in times of special need such as job loss, illness, death of a loved one, birth or any other life event.

Residents are a vital part of our community, and the CARES team want you to feel at home. Please come get to know us at the CARES events - they are FREE to attend and organized just for our residents! We realize that you need more than just a place to live: you need to belong, friends and occasionally a listening ear. The staff at Woodmeade and the CARES team are here for you!




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